OUR Services

As the largest source of filtration and process equipment cleaning, Southern Metal Processing has the experience and processes necessary to manage all of your equipment cleaning requirements.

Through our 45+ years of managing customers’ filtration/process equipment cleaning requirements, we have developed cleaning processes that are designed to provide the most effective, lowest cost, product-safe cleaning processes. Each customer’s equipment follows a process sheet designed specifically for their equipment, material of construction, and contaminant.

Products We Clean

  • Complete Filter Vessel Assemblies
  • Individual Filter Elements & Discs
  • Dies
  • Pumps
  • Process Pipe
  • Spinnerettes
  • Static Mixers
  • Tower Packing
  • Paint Fixtures
  • Other Process Related Equipment
  • Filter Testing

    Test results from each filter cleaned are recorded in our database and maintained for its service life. This allows a filter element to be tracked relative to test data from baseline testing through to the end of its life. Test report are provided on all filters and electronic test data is available. See more information.

    Historical Test Data Retention

    All test data collected on a given filter or component is recorded into the Southern Metal Processing Company’s database. Test reports are generated and supplied with returned products. All historical test data is maintained within the SMP database for future review or tracking by SMP or the customer.

    Disassembly/Reassembly of Product (Filter Assemblies)

    When required or necessary, SMP has the equipment, expertise and manpower to provide mechanical disassembly and/or reassembly of filter assemblies, vessels, dies, etc. Storage and inventory is managed and maintained for spare filters, seal rings, nuts, bolts, studs, etc. needed for replacement or assembly of equipment. Full services include torque of head bolts and pressure leak tests to ensure adequate sealing.

    Warehousing Spare Inventory of Filter Elements and Assembly Parts

    To facilitate faster turnaround of filter assemblies and/or vessels, SMP can maintain and manage spare parts inventory of elements, seals, gaskets, studs, nuts, etc. This can shorten turn time by as much as 50 % to assist in recovery from shutdowns, operate with short on-stream life due to process upsets or routine conditions.

    Emergency Response to Shutdown Situations

    SMP understands urgent situations. We have emergency and contingency plans at the ready to address whatever crisis can or does occur. Dedicated equipment or reserved process capabilities can be managed when needed.

    Door-to-door Transportation Service

    SMP maintains a fleet of trucks and company employed drivers to provide dedicated pick-up and delivery of equipment on a routine scheduled basis or in emergency situations.


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