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Our Company Profile

Southern Metal Processing Co., established in 1973, is the first independent company involved in filter cleaning as well as related packs, dies and equipment used in the manufacture, processing or recycling of polymer resins, man-made fibers, non woven products and extruded films. Through the experience and general cleaning technology gained from these efforts, we extended our capabilities and capacity to enable us to serve numerous other industry segments. These services include but are not limited to cleaning of filters used in hydraulic applications, catalyst recovery, catalyst bed protection, catalyst regeneration as well as other general chemicals filtration, including assembly/disassembly of vessels and other related hardware as required. We also offer cleaning services for tower packing, pumps, valves, piping, flexible hoses, heat exchangers, static mixers, dies, packs, spinnerettes, flame arrestors/demister pads and a variety of other industrial equipment used in various applications and process environments ranging from polymers to petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, automotives as well as a variety of other process industries.

Through our involvement and experience with these different industries, we recognized the need and value of maintaining a staff of technicians and engineers with the knowledge and experience to deal with the numerous challenges our customers face. Whether this is in addressing the environmental issues related to handling of the end users equipment, product waste or providing technical support and counseling to assist in the development of improved filtration performance, we stand committed to provide the necessary resources to not only deliver the cleaning services required but also provide the technical support and understanding required for them to be aware of equipment condition and maintain reliable performance. Our customer base (which includes customers as far away as Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea) and years of service to industry are testaments to our capabilities and reliability.

We currently maintain two production facilities operating on a 24/7/365 basis in the USA (i.e. Oxford, AL and Baytown, TX) capable of processing equipment in any configuration ranging from filter discs as small as ¼” OD to filter elements in excess of 10’ in length to pipes, transfer lines and heat exchangers weighing several thousand pounds each. We clean filters with ratings of 0.5 µm to 200 µm, including woven wire mesh, random metal fiber and sintered metal powder media. We have a cooperative agreement with a cleaning partner in Northern Ireland that supports part of our European customer base through the use of technology and equipment supplied by SMP.

We are a total service company specializing in filter cleaning as well as general cleaning of equipment used in process environments where manual cleaning is not economically effective or environmentally suitable. We clean away materials ranging from the toughest polymers to heavy oils/waxes to paints and varnishes. We provide versatility, reliability and experience at significant cost savings. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

Our Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to be the customers’ choice to supply leading-edge cleaning technology and services to satisfy their increasing demand for quality, economy of operations and reliability. We strive to do this by:

  • Acting with integrity and respect for others
  • Being safe and environmentally responsible
  • Being Proactive in achievement and improvement of services required by our customers
  • Delivering value and profit
  • Excelling in our operations

Southern Metal Processing Co. Inc. has served the process industry since 1973 and is the largest and oldest outside cleaning service provider. SMPCO continues to develop value-added processes and services creating success for our customers in their increasingly demanding markets. Our core markets served in support of this mission are, Automotives, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Polymers.


Southern Metal Processing Co. Inc. utilizes a ‘Functional Management’ framework within which all managers play a supportive team roll to one another. The experience and capabilities of each individual within the organization is utilized as needed and required from Chairman down to shift workers. A lean management group is maintained to keep overhead costs to a minimum while taking advantage of a broad range of technical back grounds and experience. The following key management biographies provide examples of this experience and knowledge.

Jim Ulrey - Chairman
BS in Marketing from Indiana University in 1959. LLB from Georgetown University Law School in 1965. Executive Program at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1988. Three years as salesman for Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Four years as general manager of Cablevision Company of Anniston. Four years as founder/owner of Temprotect Corporation. From 1973 to present, he was co-founder/co-owner SMPCO where he began with total sales responsibility. After two years, his responsibility expanded to include sales and administration. In 1988, he became President and CEO after retirement of co-founder. He semi-retired in January 2000, retaining Chairman of the Board responsibilities and continuing activities in international development.

Jimmy Ulrey - President and Chief Executive Officer
Bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville State University in 1987. Completed MBA from Emory University with concentrations in Strategic Planning and International Finance in May ’91. Started with SMPCO same year. He spent six months on the operations floor, primarily with production group (learning processes) and lab group (quality). He spent one year plus in the administrative group (systems). In May ’93, he transferred to the Baytown, TX plant as general foreman and returned to Oxford, AL in December ’94 as plant manager through 1996. He spent one year in sales before taking General Manager’s position in early 1998. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in January 1999.

Cliff Leatherwood – Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Joined SMPCO in February 2008. BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University in 1987. He comes to SMPCO from one of the leading global metal media filtration companies, PTI Technologies Inc. For the previous ten years he served as Sales Manager for PTI Technologies Inc. focusing primarily on filtration sales to the polymers industry. He was also involved with filtration media development and filter element design. Prior to this assignment, he served as Sales Engineer for seven years representing Balston compressed air and gas filtration. In his role as Vice President, he is responsible for overseeing sales at Southern Metal Processing and will assist in the further development of our global strategy.